May 16, 2019


Why Move to Meridium V4?

Extended Support Fees

Clients who continue their use of Meridium V3 are now experiencing elevated support fees.  V3.4 is no longer officially supported by GE Digital.  V3.5 moved to Extended Support in 2018 and V3.6 in 2019.  These fees can go up as much as 100% over your base Maintenance and Support costs.

Reduced Knowledge Base

As fewer clients continue to operate on legacy versions, fewer resources in the APM space are dedicated to retaining the knowledge of those versions.  A move to Meridium V4 (GE APM Classic) brings you up to a level where you can have more options and resources for your support needs.

Wasted M&S Spend

To retain your licensed ability to have access to future versions of the product, you must continue to pay the Maintenance and Support fees.  The challenge is that the resources you pay are no longer being used to maintain or improve the version of APM you are running.  They go toward advancement of the current platforms.  You can get more for your money by moving forward.

Third Party Software Support

The operating system, database platforms, and other third party software required to run the version 3 product are moving out of support by their manufacturers.  The stability and supportability of your V3 system on newer third party versions becomes a risk to your program.

More Investment, More Options

The Meridium V4 product offers many updates to the functionality and capabilities as well as a complete overhaul of the user interface and integration tools.  More modules to expand your APM program are available making Meridium V4 a more robust enterprise solution, allowing you to retire even more of the point solutions that draw on your IT resources and time.

You Have Questions, We’re Here to Help

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Should You Upgrade or Migrate?

The technical upgrade path can be a feasible option for some newer and simpler implementations but leaves legacy technical debt in your system.  This path kicks the can of resolving issues and old decisions down the road leading to more costly maintenance of your system.

A migration of your important configuration and data into a clean Meridium V4 database provides you the opportunity to retire the technical debt and reset with the system that best fits your APM program needs now and for your path forward.

The nextAPM Approach

Our approach to your migration over an upgrade follows a common sense plan:

1. Use tooling to assess the configuration, objects, and data in your Meridium V3 system against a V4 baseline target,

2. Provide you an early budgetary view into your migration project, and then

3. Evaluate the deltas between your system and baseline and work with you to determine what needs to move forward to meet your current needs and what can be left behind.

The results from our assessment process combined with an evaluation of your integration and training needs, provide you with a dependable bottom-up task list to drive the scope of your migration project.

nextAPM is able to take the results of your assessment and decisions to automate the majority of your Meridium V4 system configuration, 60-70% in many cases.

The Basic Assessment

This is our FREE offering to get you started!

This initial assessment will ask for little of you but provide much to you.

The process begins by you registering on our migration site

From there you will download and execute our extraction utility.  Our tooling focuses on metadata and usage information, not your proprietary data or user details.

We do not require a copy of your V3 database to perform this assessment.

The results of the Basic Assessment are ready for you in hours, not weeks.

  •   Visualization of your configuration as compared to baseline
  •   Usage of the modules you own
  •   Configuration status of your families, fields, business rules, and MUCH MORE
  •   Tasks related to configuration migration
  •   Budgetary estimate

The Premium Assessment

The nextAPM Premium Assessment Provides the Detailed Scope for Proposal

The next step in the migration project front end design process provides you the details of your assessed system, a full task list, and a complete technical design of your system’s configuration and data migration mapping.

These deliverables can support you and your chosen migration partner as you plan your final project scope and lead to your proposal.

With the Premium Assessment you are also provided a Business Rule Analysis tool, where your business rule assessment is laid out in a useful manner, making the review of business rules during your planning process much easier.

Automated Migration Tooling

Tooling Built to Speed Up Your Migration and Reduce Your Cost

Our migration tooling will utilize the results of your assessment and decisions to automate the migration of your needed configuration and objects into a new Meridium V4 system.

By taking care of a defined scope, amounting to 60-70% of the configuration items, and providing these services for a lower fixed price when compared to manual efforts, we can speed up your project and reduce your overall financial risk on the project.

The nextAPM Flexible Engagement Model

We Work with You and Your Partners as You See Fit

nextAPM is engaging with multiple leading APM service providers to build our program into their approach.  We know that you also have partners that you may prefer to trust in leading your projects.

Our model is built to be flexible in how we work with you and partners to deliver the project you want.