June 4, 2019


A Project Partner Dedicated to Your Needs

The complexity of today’s business environment has created a new set of challenges to manage.  Businesses are looking for service partners to help navigate these new challenges; partners capable of delivering outcomes and not just projects.

The solution lies in choosing service partners that break through the traditional project mindset and find new ways of reducing costs while implementing technologies that speed up execution leading to quicker value realization.

nextAPM is recognized across the industry as a leader in APM technical services.  With the decentralization of APM expertise in the market, our depth of knowledge and experience in APM implementations coupled with our access to industry expertise on both functional and technical fronts, nextAPM can bring teams to deliver the right tools and processes your APM program requires.

Planning & Design

Requirements Gathering

Technical Design

System Architecture

Scoping & Planning

Project Estimation

Proper planning is an essential element to the success of your APM project, solution, and ultimately your program.  A poorly planned software project can expend over 50% of its total effort correcting defects.

nextAPM Guiding Principles of Planning:

Scope – Clear understanding of project scope and expectations agreed with key stakeholders.

Effort and Cost – Well defined project scopes reduce the projects cone of uncertainty leading to better cost estimates.

Resources – Proper planning identifies the right resources and skillsets on the front end of a project when resource plans can be developed, and skill gaps can be filled.

Risk – Identify and correct potential defects earlier in the project, reducing project risk.


Server Installation and Configuration

APM Implementation, Configuration, and Testing

Test Plan Development

Post Go-Live Support

Project Management

Utilizing industry best practices, our services use a methodology proven over many years to effectively deliver solution-driven projects.    Our implementation methodology is mapped to your project management methodology to insure proper alignment, control and ownership of the project before, during, and after project execution.

In support of your long-term best interests, we push for simple solutions that utilize the base capabilities of your software before configuring or customizing. This can lower your overall cost of ownership for future upgrades and maintenance.

Data Management

Data Cleansing

Data Loading


Data is the lifeblood of your APM implementation.  Collecting data is not enough to insure the validity of analytics in your APM system.  Data must be valid, accurate, complete, consistent, and uniform

We can help with data audits, cleansing and loading.  We can design and implement integrations between your APM and external systems.

We bring years of functional and technical experience in APM data that will help to ensure you have what you need in the easiest accessible form.


Programs do not end upon the closure of a project.  Your systems, processes, and people require refreshment as your program matures and evolves.

The retiring work force in asset-intensive industries is demanding you both digitize your practices and drive toward new ways to continually educate resources to ensure continuity. 

We are there to support you through partnership and see your successes endure.

The nextAPM Flexible Engagement Model

We Work with You and Your Partners as You See Fit

nextAPM is engaging with multiple leading APM service providers to build our program into their approach.  We know that you also have partners that you may prefer to trust in leading your projects.

Our model is built to be flexible in how we work with you and partners to deliver the project you want.